Contract Packaging

Contract Packaging

A clean, instant bond for your contract packaging projects.

The world of Contract Packaging and Glue Dots truly go hand-in-hand. Glue Dots were specifically created for the demanding contract packaging industry. There are three main reasons why Glue Dots are a proven solution for contract packaging.

1. Investment in equipment is not necessary
When jobs are changing from day to day and needs are constantly evolving, Glue Dots offer a solution that does not require expensive equipment to be sitting in the corner idle.

2. User-friendliness
When project work is done, the individuals doing the hand-assembly are rarely the same from day to day. With the application of Glue Dots being so easy to teach and to learn, there is no extended learning curve.

3. Instant bond
Whether constructing multi-packs or assembling gift baskets, there is no time to wait for glues to dry. Instant bonding Glue Dots get the job done quickly and correctly.