Glue Dots International launches Small MatrX™

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NEW BERLIN (WI) – January, 2011: Glue Dots® International (GDI), the manufacturer of innovative Glue Dots® Brand Adhesive Products, has just announced the addition of Small MatrX™ to the revolutionary MatrX™ product line. MatrX™ is a pattern of pressure-sensitive adhesive micro-dots.

Small MatrX™ is engineered for applications that demand low profile adhesive solutions and is available in ¼” wide and ½” wide permanent adhesive patterns, with a thickness range of 3-5 mils.

“It (Small MatrX™) applies smoothly and delivers all the same properties of Large MatrX™ in a smaller footprint. The development of Small MatrX™ is a direct result of the high demand for MatrX™ in applications that require a thinner profile pattern. Along with the uses in our existing markets, we are excited about the new opportunities this product will open for prospective customers and our distributors” explains Jeff Gunderson, Global Director of Industrial Sales & Marketing. “We’re targeting both the commercial and industrial sectors, addressing their concern for a more cost-effective adhesive with less waste and increased productivity.”

Pressure-sensitive MatrX™ is a faster, easier, and safer method of substrate-to-substrate bonding. MatrX™ offers a clean alternative to transfer tape, bonds instantly. It is safer than hot melts, liquid glues, and provides clean cut-off with no residue or waste.

Using the refillable Dot Shot® Pro (DSP) triggerless applicator, the rolls are easily interchangeable allowing the operator to switch from small MatrX to large MatrX in seconds. The lightweight DSP also allows you to switch from traditional Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives to MatrX™ using the same device. When used in conjunction, the DSP and MatrX™ are ideal for project-oriented environments like contract packaging facilities, sheltered workshops, print bindery, and fulfillment houses due to the lightweight design and ergonomic friendliness of the applicator.