Glue Dots International Introduces the EconoDot™

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Glue Dots® offers affordable, simplistic yet productive adhesive application solution.

NEW BERLIN (WI.) – New Dispenser, Available Fall 2008: Glue Dots International, the manufacturer of innovative Glue Dots adhesives, introduces the EconoDot™, a simple, affordable bench-top adhesive dispenser for any packaging, printing, direct mail, fulfillment or manufacturing project on a budget.

The EconoDot dispenses a single Glue Dots adhesive pattern at a rate of 60 patterns per minute with no waste, no mess and no excess glue. No machine programming is required. The user simply loads a roll of Glue Dots, threads the machine and turns on the power. Clean, instant-bonding Glue Dots automatically advance when the operator’s hand or the product to which they’re applying the Glue Dots covers then uncovers the photo sensing eye’s beam. Ideal for project-oriented environments like contract packaging facilities, sheltered workshops or fulfillment houses, the EconoDot is easy to operate and light enough to move from work station to work station.

Value and increased productivity are significant benefits to using the EconoDot. As a turnkey gluing solution, the EconoDot quickly and easily integrates into any production facility, so your project is up and running in minutes. “Combining precision, low maintenance and economy, the EconoDot helps customers improve productivity within tight budget parameters”, said John Downs, president of Glue Dots International.

With no hoses, nozzles, or moving parts the EconoDot requires virtually no maintenance, and it holds a roll of up to 8,000 Glue Dots. Priced under $1,000, the EconoDot is a cost effective, smart choice for a variety of applications.

More About Glue Dots International

Founded in 1995, Glue Dots International revolutionized the adhesives industry with pressure sensitive Glue Dots Brand Adhesive Products. Located in New Berlin, WI., the company holds several patents and continues to develop new, efficient adhesive products to help customers decrease costs and increase productivity.