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Glue Dots® creative adhesives offer consumers a completely mess-free, easy-to-use, no-dry-time solution to their everyday bonding needs. Glue Dots strength and versatility provides a safe adhesive solution that can be used by the entire family. Consumers have found endless uses for Glue Dots around the home, school, and office, from household decorating to science projects to quick repairs.

Glue Dots offers an extensive product line including, Craft Glue Dots, Mini Glue Dots, Micro Glue Dots, Ultra Thin Glue Dots, Pop Up Glue Dots, Removable Glue Dots, Permanent Glue Dots, Poster Glue Dots, XL Glue Dots, XXL Glue Dots and Glue Lines®. Unique product formats include rolls, sheets and dispensers; both permanent and removable formulas are available. A new refillable Desktop Dispenser is now available.

Over the years, Glue Dots has won numerous awards including Creating Keepsakes Readers Choice awards for “Best Adhesive” and “Most Innovative Product”, the “Best New Product/General Merchandise” award from the National Association of Chain Drug Stores and Learning Magazine’s “Teachers Choice for the Family” award.


Founded in 1995, Glue Dots International revolutionized the adhesives industry with instant bonding adhesive products under the Glue Dots® brand name. Glue Dots were the original product of its kind, invented by company director of new product development John Downs. Initially introduced to the industrial marketplace, the product line and related uses quickly expanded.

Glue Dots® was acquired by Ellsworth Adhesives Corporation in 1999 to further strengthen product development and increase distribution channels.

In 2001, an assortment of products was launched at the Hobby Industry Association show. The response was immediate. Since then consumers have discovered endless uses for Glue Dots around the home, school and office.

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