Glue Dots Brand Adhesives are the invisible solution for a multitude of packaging, printing, assembly, and manufacturing challenges. Glue Dots are a pressure-sensitive adhesive that forms an instant bond. Quick and easy to use, Glue Dots leave no mess, no residue, and no odour. Glue Dots present your product, preserve your brand, reduce costs, and increase productivity for a variety of industries.


A clean, instant bond for your packaging projects.

Image is everything. It’s important that your brand stands front and centre. That’s why packaging professionals around the globe consider Glue Dots the smart packaging adhesive for countless applications.


Glue Dots produce visible results

In the printing and fulfillment industries the ability to service your customers needs from start to finish, under one roof, can make or break a project. In a competitive and changing marketplace the ability to adapt and evolve to meet your customers needs is a key to your long term success. Flexibility is exactly why Glue Dots are a preferred alternative for post-press production in today’s printing industry.

Glue Dots are so flexible that the same adhesives and applicators are used in post-press binding, clean tipping and converting. Glue Dots are also a USPS compliant wafer seal replacement.


Glue Dots present your product while preserving your brand

The consumer packaged goods industry is one of the largest in North America, valued at approximately US$2 trillion. Companies that provide CPGs fight for market share in a highly competitive industry, largely due to saturation and low consumer switching costs.

Glue Dots present your product, preserve your brand, reduce costs and save time. Simple and versatile, Glue Dots produce visible results for a variety of applications in a wide range of CPG categories, from food and beverage, to tobacco, and household products.


Glue Dots Provide a Helping Hand for Product Assembly

Speed up your production on countless assembly applications with Glue Dots adhesives. Glue Dots instant bond is ideal for pre-positioning or temporarily holding items in place until final assembly or adhesive curing.>/p>


Visible Results for Material Handling and Shipping Applications

Glue Dots Brand Adhesives are pressure sensitive patterns of adhesive that can be applied almost anywhere, making them a smart solution for material handling applications. They keep items aligned and secured by forming a strong, instant bond to nearly any surface in any environment.


Specialty Industry Solutions From Glue Dots

Specialty industries have relied on Glue Dots adhesive solutions for years. Niche industries offer a varying range of products and services that require flexible and sometimes custom adhesives engineered for each unique application.