Glue Dots International Launches SD-900™ in Europe

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New Berlin, Wisconsin - Glue Dots International (GDI), a leading global manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesive patterns, launches the fully automated, inline SD-900 adhesive applicator in the European market. Competitively priced against traditional hot melt systems, the SD-900 reduces operating and maintenance costs.

"We’re very excited to bring the SD-900 to the European market," said Bruce Church, GDI’s Vice President and General Manager. "We know that the improved safety and reduced operating/maintenance costs associated with the SD-900 will greatly benefit our European customers."

The SD-900 is engineered to seamlessly integrate into both new and existing automated production lines. Flexible mounting options, including an optional rolling stand, allow the SD-900 to easily adapt to individual production needs. The SD-900 is engineered to quickly, cleanly, and easily apply Glue Dots Brand Adhesives and requires less downtime than traditional hot melt systems.

The SD-900’s automatic speed matching ensures accurate adhesive placement at product speeds up to 90 feet per minute. Additionally, the number and sequence of Glue Dots Adhesives being applied can be adjusted instantly via rotary switch.

Reid Moertl, GDI’s Application Equipment Engineer commented, "One of our main goals when designing the SD-900 was to incorporate application flexibility, eliminating the need for advanced programming and additional engineering. The SD-900 meets and exceeds that goal."

The SD-900 will be available for sale in Europe effective immediately.

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About Glue Dots International
Glue Dots International, founded in 1995, revolutionized the adhesive industry with its easy-to-use pressure sensitive products. The company holds several patents and continues to lead the industry in the development of new, efficient adhesive products for consumer, industrial and specialty markets. Glue Dots International, headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin, has operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.