QuikDot™ Pro

QuikDot™ Pro

What is the QuikDot Pro?

The QuikDot Pro is a pocket sized, pressure sensitive adhesive applicator that can be re-filled and re-used time and time again.

Designed for time savings and ease of use, The QuikDot Pro easily fits into the palm of the hand and is a convenient alternative to cumbersome tape pads and hot melt glue guns.

The QuikDot Pro is a durable, compact adhesive applicator engineered to instantly apply the right amount of adhesives, every time. The refillable, pocket-size design offers a new level of flexibility and convenience, while the high impact polycarbonate body stands up to rugged everyday use.

Product Highlights:
• Invisible Bond Protects Brand Integrity
• Clean, Instant, Secure Bond
• Refillable Design
• Rugged Construction
• FDA Compliant adhesive

QDP Adhesives:
There are four different adhesives compatible with the QuikDot Pro Applicator:

9mm High Tack Glue Dots x 500
9mm Super High Tack Glue Dots x 500
9mm High Profile Glue Squares x 600
9mm Low Profile Glue Squares x 800

Typical Applications
The QuikDot pro applicator and adhesives can be used across industries and for various applications.
One particular area where the QuikDot Pro has made a significant impact is in the packaging industry.
In this sector, the QuikDot Pro is regularly being used to seamlessly seal and repair cardboard and corrugate food and beverage carrier packaging that has failed. The invisible bond provided by  the QuikDot Pro protects brand integrity with a dependable seal that is virtually invisible to consumers.

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