Pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions to the world's most challenging manufacturing projects

Glue Dots International (GDI) developed the innovative pressure sensitive adhesive known as Glue Dots®. Our industry-changing adhesive solutions offer a flexible and reliable alternative to tapes, liquid glues and hot melt glues. As a leading industrial adhesives technology manufacturer, we have the capabilities to produce adhesive ranging in viscosity, bond strength and thickness. With decades of knowledge, our expert team can help find the right adhesive and dispensing equipment to meet virtually any application requirements.


Glue Dots® are no-mess, double-sided adhesive dots which leave no residue and no odour. Our standard Glue Dots and MatrX™ Dots are available in a variety of patterns, formulations and profiles which are engineered to meet the application requirements.

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Glue Dots dispensers and applicators are designed to make applying Glue Dots adhesive patterns faster and easier, while increasing productivity and reducing costs. There is a Glue Dots applicator for virtually every project, with hand-held, bench-top and in-line options available.

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Adhesive Industries

Glue Dots adhesives are utilised in a wide variety of industries across the globe. Our patented design and unparallel industry experience provide the complete solution to challenging manufacturing projects in various sectors.