Glue Dots® provide a helping hand for manufacturing & product assembly

Speed up your production on countless assembly applications with Glue Dots adhesives. The physical and mechanical properties of our specially formulated adhesives can be customised to meet the specific needs of almost any type of manufacturing or assembly operation. Glue Dots are designed with strength, speed, and efficiency in mind, allowing manufacturers to increase productivity while reducing cost and waste.

The Glue Dots team of adhesive experts will carefully assess your project to determine the right adhesive formulation or custom pattern for our specific manufacturing and product assembly application.

Applications & Uses:

Glue Dots instant adhesives are typically used to secure a multitude of hard-to-reach components and fixtures. Our versatile product can also be used to replace slower curing tapes, hot melts or liquid adhesives. The versatility of our Glue Dots® adhesives allows them to be used in an extensive range of industrial applications. In product assembly, various parts and sub-assemblies must be joined or connected with a reliable medium to ensure the durability of the final product during shipping and consumer use.

Typical applications in the manufacturing & product assembly industries include:

  • Securing electrical components
  • Affixing spacers before foam insulation injection
  • Stabilising inner packs
  • Securing hardware packets

Contact us today to learn more about how Glue Dots can be used in your manufacturing & product assembly applications.