Glue Dots are a highly effective adhesive solution for the printing and mailing industries.

In the printing and fulfillment industries, the ability to service your customers needs from start to finish, under one roof, can make or break a project. In a competitive and changing marketplace the ability to adapt and evolve to meet this criteria is key to your long term success. Flexibility is exactly why Glue Dots are a preferred alternative for post-press production in today’s printing industry.

Glue Dots are so flexible that the same adhesives and applicators are used in post-press binding, clean tipping and converting. Glue Dots are also a USPS compliant wafer seal replacement.

Applications & Uses:

Adhesives in the printing and mailing industries have two important yet contrasting purposes. They must have enough bond strength to keep the package and its content sealed and secure, whilst possessing enough removability to allow recipients to easily remove the package contents. In this regard, Glue Dots are specially formulated to strike the perfect balance between package security and ease of detachment.

Typical applications in the mailing and packaging industry include:

  • Promotional items
  • Gift cards
  • Coupons
  • Pamphlets
  • Brochure closures

Glue Dots come in stronger bond strengths for applications requiring a greater level of adhesion, such as accents or creative patterns. The clear and residue-free adhesive formulations also help secure elements without obstructing design elements, making them an ideal alternative to wafer seals.

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