EconoDot® Semi-Automated adhesive dispenser from GDI Europe.

The EconoDot® enhances the operator’s experience whilst increasing productivity.

The EconoDot® combines simplicity with affordability in a bench-top dispenser. Designed for both short and long-term projects, the EconoDot makes the application of Glue Dots adhesives quick, easy and cost effective with no waste, no mess and no lost time. As well as being an affordable semi-automated dispensing option, the EconoDot is easy to set up and requires virtually no maintenance. Perfect for project-orientated environments like contract packaging or fulfilment houses, the semi-automated dispenser works for a variety of jobs in a wide range of industries.

EconoDot Specifications:

  • Holds rolls with up to 8,000 adhesive patterns
  • Photo-sensing eye is triggered when operator presses and removes the substrate from nose plate
  • Made of durable steel & aluminum
  • Minimal training requirements
  • Can be used on virtually any substrate

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