Dot Shot Pro manual adhesive applicator by Glue Dots International

The Dot Shot Pro makes manual adhesive applications efficient, easy & portable.

Apply Glue Dots quickly, cleanly and precisely with the portable, handheld Dot Shot Pro. The Dot Shot Pro dispenses one or more Glue Dots Adhesive Patterns at a time and is compatible with MatrX™ and Glue Dots brand adhesives. The refillable applicator is designed for superior performance and operation, and is comfortable for prolonged hand-held use. Ideal for contract packaging, material handling and printing operations, the affordable applicator can be integrated into any environment.

Dot Shot Pro Features:

  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate construction
  • Clear cover lets operator know when to reload
  • Extended nose for precise adhesive application
  • Engineered for comfortable repetitive use
  • Virtually maintenance free

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