MatrX™ Rolls

A cleaner, safer alternative

The full line of MatrX™ products feature a continuous pattern of pressure sensitive adhesive micro dots. Applied with the easy loading and triggerless Dot Shot Pro; Matrx is a cleaner solution to traditional transfer and double sided tapes.

Matrx Adhesives are available in two standard sizes, in both permanent and removable formulas: Large MatrX is approximately 0.2mm – 0.4mm thick. Each roll contains 20 yards of the continuous pattern in both 6mm and 12mm pattern widths. Small MatrX is approximately 0.08mm – 0.13 mls thick. Each roll contains 48 yards of the continuous pattern in both 6mm and 12mm widths. If your required diameter or thickness level is not available then we may be able to provide you a custom solution instead.

As the strength of the bond is substrate dependent, Glue Dots’ team of knowledgeable engineers and account specialists are available to help you determine the right product for your application. They can also provide product samples for testing.

Benefits of MatrX

  • Instant Bonding
  • Easy to Use
  • Clean Cutoff
  • No Residue
  • Less Waste

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