Q. What are Glue Dots?
A. Glue Dots are a double-sided, pressure-sensitive adhesive that bond instantly to virtually any surface.
Q. Why should I use Glue Dots instead of other adhesives?
A. Glue Dots are faster and safer than hot glue guns, cleaner than liquid adhesives and leave no sticky residue like other double sided tapes. Eliminate hot glue burns, fumes and set-up times. Glue Dots Permanent/ Removable adhesive for balloon decorating, and craft projects. Glue Dots removable adhesive for home projects, office uses, industrial applications, assembly and craft projects.
Q. Are Glue Dots safe to use?
A. Yes. Glue Dots are non-toxic, odourless, FDA-approved for direct or indirect food contact and conform to ASTM D-4236. Unlike hot glue guns, there’s no risk of incurring serious burns.
Q. What's the best method for applying Glue Dots?
A. Glue Dots can be applied quickly and cleanly from the convenient dispenser carton. For optimal productivity try one of our adhesive applicators.
Q. Can Glue Dots be used in an assembly line
A. Incorporating Glue Dots adhesive applicators into your assembly process can increase your efficiencies. The EconoDot or Auto Dot Pro bench-top adhesive dispensers are designed for long or short lead production lines.
Q. What materials do they adhere to?
A. Glue Dots adhere to a wide variety of materials, including paper, plastic, foil, glass, aluminium, Styrafoam, wood and Teflon. If the substrates you are working with is not listed here, contact us on +44 (0) 1355 577222.
Q. How can I be assured of the best bond possible?
A. Moisture, oils, dust, lotions and some silicone-coated products may interfere with the bonding quality, so make sure surface are clean and dry.
Q. Why use a 18mm dot over a 12mm dot?
A. Your choice will depend
on the size/surface area of the materials you are adhering. There is a direct correlation between the amount of surface contact and the overall strength of the bond. 12mm diameter dots (as well as several Glue Shapes) are designed for maximum durface area contact.
Q. Do you manufacture fugitive glues?
A. The term “fugitive” commonly refers to removable adhesives. Many of our products meet that definition.
Q. What is the difference between Tack Level and Profile?
A. “Tack” refers to the aggressiveness of the adhesive. “Low Tack” dots are removable. On most surfaces “Super High Tack” and “High Tack” Glue Dots would be considered permanent. “Profile” refers to the thickness of the Glue Dot. “Low Profile” dots are flat compared to “High Profile” dots, which are 1/8″ thick. Medium and High Profile dots are best suited for round, concave or irregularly shaped objects.
Q. Does it matter what tack level I use?
A. Yes. As the end-user, you are the best judge the bond strength required for your application. Your Glue Dots Distributor can assist you in determining the best product for your needs by supplying you with a variety of samples to test.
Q. When should I consider a custom pattern?
A.In cases where unusual shapes or material are used, or the bond is under a great deal of stress, a custom pattern may be necessary. Based on your application, your distributor or a Glue Dots representative can advise you on the best product for your needs.
Q. What is the shelf life of Glue Dots?
A. While the Glue Dots will not degrade over time, contaminants such as moisture and dust can interfere with the bonding qualities. We recommend you replace the product after 18 months and always store in a clean, dry place.
Q. What are the hottest and coldest temperatures Glue Dots can withstand?
A. This will depend on the amount of stress the bond is under. In some cases, our Research and Development Department may develop a custom adhesive especially for your application.
Q. Where can I purchase Glue Dots Adhesive Products?
A. To locate a distributor nearest you, contact us or call +44 (0) 1355 577222.
Q. How do I apply Glue Dots?
A. Press the item to be adhered against the Glue Dot and peel away. Press the item onto the intended surface. Avoid touching Glue Dots with your fingers as dust and oils will compromise the bond. Glue Dots can also be applied with one of our convenient adhesive applicators.