Your flexible multi-pack solutions

Multiple packaging is one of the best, quickest and easiest ways to increase volume sales for your product. Glue Dots offer a flexible multi-pack solutions, provide a clean, instant bond and are often a preferred alternative to hot glues, liquid glues and tapes. Glue Dots leave no mess, residue or odour, presenting your product and preserving your brand. Glue Dots reliable bond keep your multi-pack products positioned to optimize product impact.

Glue Dots dispensers and applicators are designed to make applying Glue Dots Adhesives Patterns faster and easier, while increasing productivity and reducing costs. There is a Glue Dots applicator for every project, every facility, every need.

Tipping adhesives from Glue Dots.

Searching for a new tipping adhesive? Glue Dots offers a complete line of adhesive patterns to improve your tipping process. Glue Dots adhesives have proven performance on a wide range of unique substrates, providing a clean, instant bond that is often a preferred alternative to hot glues, liquid glues, and tapes. Glue Dots leave no mess, residue or odour, presenting your product and preserving your brand, while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Simple and versatile, Glue Dots produce visible results for a variety of product and sample attachment needs.

Glue Dots:
  • Bond instantly
  • Faster and safer than hot glues
  • Cleaner than liquid adhesives and tapes
  • No mess. No residue. No odour
Gasket Adhesives from Glue Dots.

Gasket size, shape, and material often dictate your adhesive solutions, typically limiting you to liquid adhesives to form a bond. Pressure sensitive Glue Dots are a cleaner alternative that eliminate the curing time and squeeze out seen in most liquid adhesives, Glue Dots has provided unique adhesive patterns, from 0.6m long glue line to 7cm circles.

Glue Dots benefits:
  • No cure time
  • No burns
  • No product deformation
  • No toxins or fumes
Label adhesives from Glue Dots

In large manufacturing facilities, work in progress is constantly getting moved point A to Point B, often leaving room for error and costly mistakes. In complex manufacturing environments project labeling and tracking are key to ensuring successful, profitable results. Removable Glue Dots applied with the Dot Shot Pro applicator are an easy way to send a routing guide or packing slip along with your products to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout your manufacturing process.

Perfect presentation with every application.

Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives are pressure sensitive adhesive patterns that make assembling gift baskets fast and easy. Providing a clean instant bond, Glue Dots secure items in position, ensuring your creations look beautiful from the store to their door. Safer than hot glues and cleaner than double-sided tapes, Glue Dots work on mostly any surface.

Also available in freezer-grade formulas to meet your project needs