Product Assembly

Appliance Manufacturing

A versatile adhesive for the appliance industry.

OEMs constantly look to suppliers for help improving product innovation, aesthetics, performance, manufacturing and efficiencies, reduced work-in-process, while lowering material costs. Suppliers are constantly challenged to help cut waste and increase productivity.

Glue Dots plays a key roll in lean manufacturing and assembly in the appliance industry. Glue Dots provide an instant, pressure-sensitive bond, without the mess or cure times of other liquid and hot melt glue systems, delivering an adhesive alternative that is valued for its strength and flexibility.




Glue Dots are used to:

• Affix spacers before foam insulation injection
• Affix a non-pressure sensitive gasket in place
• Secure hardware packets
• Secure protective inner-pack to keep appliances scratch and dent-free
• Create air-tight seals (Custom continuous tape products - up to 30 mils thick)